Thursday, 5 June 2014

The Anatomy of a Disaster part 1

The anatomy of a disaster.

First Aid Training for disasters

Shit happens, (Forrest Gump), and when it does, the actions that the people involved take, significantly affect the outcome of the event. Generally we think of disasters as affecting lots of people. Many people dead and injured. On a personal basis, you falling from a height, breaking your leg and consequently not being able to pay your mortgage is a disaster!

This is about how quality first aid training and the applied skills alters the outcome of an accident

The points below are about what makes a bad situation worse, the mistakes that we make when faced with a very challenging situation. A lot of what is here comes from a short film about the Costa Concordia disaster-

People become disoriented in their environment – map references
The captain had turned off the autopilot, and thus did not know where they were!
You plan your days work, the address of where you are working. what about your journey to and from work? The "Devon Air Ambulance Trust App" locates us within a few seconds with a six figure map reference, plots where you are and has a box to dial 999/112 straight off! It works on all smart phones.

Plan for access and egress. How does the ambulance get to you, off the road. If you are a long way off the road, does Ambulance control need to send Helimed? only you can tell them!
Know where your equipment is - first aid kit etc. its no good in the front of the van, half a mile away!
Know where your colleagues/help are!

We fail to anticipate or plan –

The training and planning that the crew of the Costa Concordia was atrocious, they failed to train their staff in most of the procedures necessary, as well as failing to tell the passengers how to evacuate. Afterall its never going to sink is it!

First aid training:- a lot of the training we receive is not fit for purpose (some is, I hasten to point out). It is up to you, the purchaser to exercise "due diligence" when organising your first aid courses. Choose companies that are experienced with Tree Surgeons and understand your needs.

Rehersal of incidents, one afternoon, when everyone is tired and wants to go home, imagine how you would all respond to severe burns after a saw catches fire whilst filling it up!

Have you got your burn gel dressings do you know how to use them!

Failing to plan is planning to fail

First aid training, understanding how thinking around and planning for a situation going pear shaped makes a huge difference to the outcome!

The next part of this disaster blog, will be next week.

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By Martin Bennett
Director Axiom Training Ltd

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